Help save more lives through fostering!

There are many wonderful reasons to become a foster parent to a shelter dog or cat in need:

  • Privilege of offering a needy animal a safe, comforting and supportive environment while it waits to be adopted, or reunited with family following an emergency, natural disaster or military deployment
  • Help socialize a shelter pet to enhance its adoption potential
  • Reduce the animal’s stress, which improves its adoptability
  • Enjoy the benefits of pet ownership if you’re unable to keep a full-time pet due to lifestyle or other restrictions

Many fosters get attached to their charges and become “foster failures” because they choose to adopt that animal for their own family.   Most, however, rehabilitate, socialize, and temperament check their charges and happily find them a new forever home!

If you want to foster for Charming Pet Rescue and help pets Live Happily Ever After, please complete the following agreement and return via email to Charming Pet Rescue!

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