Being in South Central Texas, the chance of a dog getting heart worms is very high if they are not on preventive! When looking at dogs for adoption sometimes those with heart worms are overlooked due to lack of understanding about the disease. Yes! Heart worms can kill a dog! However, they can also be treated and cured!

When a dog is presented with heart worms there are two cures:

The first cure is the “Fast Kill” method. We do not use this method because it is very expensive and can be painful, and even deadly, to the dog. If you are interested in using the fast kill method on one of your dogs, please consult your veterinarian for prices and consequences.

The other cure is “Slow Kill”. We use the slow kill method on our heart worm positive dogs at Charming Pet Rescue. Here is how it works:
The dogs is put on antibiotics twice a day for 30 days. Then they are off of medication for 30 days. They are then given on more round of antibiotics twice a day for 30 days. During this time they are given monthly heart worm prevention. This method works two fold. The antibiotics kill the microbes that the heart worms need to survive and the older heart worms will begin to die. By giving them heart worm prevention, the new heart worms are killed at the same time. It does take several months for this method to work and may take longer if the heart worms are large. But it works more often than not!

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