Joerne – Pronounced Journey

Um….. hel…. hello… hi…. my naaaaaame is Journey? Yes it is, my name is Journey. I’m a little bit shy and guess what? I’m not that social either….. so weird, or so I hear. I just really want it to be you and me or you and me and your family but I don’t really need a dog friend. Honestly here it is, if you have a small dog and want us to be friends, I’m in, but if you have another medium to large size dog, it’s just not for me. I don’t like a leash, we don’t need to go On walks or to the park or the lake, just let’s not. What we CAN DO is snuggle and watch movies and stay hoooome and snuggle and it just be US! If you want to have friends over, totally cool, I will be nice but shy. I’m not a Barker, did you think I might be, no no way! Anywho, enough about me! I would love to hear about YOU!